Brain tumours, Hodgkin's disease, resistant or relapsed, Malignant melanoma, Lung cancer
Adult: 100-130 mg/m2 as a single dose every 6 wk. Adjust dose according to platelet and leukocyte counts. Compromised marrow function: 100 mg/m2 as a single dose every 6 wk.
Child: 75-150 mg/m2 as a single dose every 6 wk. Readjust dose according to platelet and leukocyte counts.
CrCl (ml/min)Dosage Recommendation
10-50Admin 75% of normal dose.
<10Admin 25-50% of normal dose.

Special Populations: Dosage adjustment in renal impairment: CrCl 10-50 mL/min: 75% of normal dose; <10 mL/min: 50% of normal dose.
Pregnancy and lactation.
Warnings / Precautions
Monitor CBC with differential platelet count wkly for at least 6 wk after a dose. Periodically perform pulmonary function studies and LFTs.
Adverse Reactions
Pulmonary infiltrates, pulmonary fibrosis, nausea, vomiting, hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, stomatitis, alopecia, disorientation, lethargy, dysarthria, ataxia, visual disturbances.
Potentially Fatal: Delayed bone marrow suppression and permanent marrow damage following prolonged use.
Overdose Reactions
Symptoms: Pancytopenia, hepatic dysfunction, abdominal pain, pulmonary toxicity with tachypnoea and hypoxaemia, confusion and disorientation. Severe myelosuppression. Management: Symptomatic and supportive.
Drug Interactions
Increased levels/effects with CYP2D6 inhibitors.
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Mechanism of Actions
Lomustine inhibits the synthesis of DNA and RNA via alkylation although carbamoylation and modification of cellular proteins may also be involved.
Absorption: Rapidly absorbed from the GI tract (oral); also absorbed after topical application. Peak plasma concentrations of metabolites after 1-6 hr (oral).
Distribution: Widely distributed; drug and metabolites cross the blood-brain barrier; active metabolites appear in CSF within 30 min (oral); metabolites present in milk.
Metabolism: Hepatic via hydroxylation; enterohepatically recycled.
Excretion: Via urine (approx 50%); via faeces (<5%); via expired air (<10%).
Should be taken on an empty stomach. (Take on an empty stomach. May be taken at bedtime to reduce occurrence of nausea.)
Storage Conditions
Oral: Store at 15-30°C (59-86°F).
ATC Classification
L01AD02 - lomustine ; Belongs to the class of alkylating agents, nitrosoureas. Used in the treatment of cancer.
Oral: Store at 15-30°C (59-86°F).
Available As
  • Lomustine 40 mg
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