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Free Online consultation with Doctor's Expert Panel

Free doctor consultation

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Many times in our life we have to visit the clinic or hospital to consult a expert doctor but we even do not know reviews of doctor or hospital.Many questions start arising in our mind when doctor make a diagnosis requiring costly treatment / investigations / long term hospital stay. In this situation we have two options:

  • either to visit another clinic / hospital to take second opinion.
  • or to find any relative with medical background whom you can trust.

Most people neither have medical knowledge nor any relative with medical background and they have only option left is to visit another clinic to take second opinion.

Situation become worse when you are advised something different by second doctor.You and your family is now in complex web of confusion!! This situation is worst situation in our life when you have to take a blind decision about your life or treatment !

In this situation only you need is someone who can help you by showing right direction without any motive to earn money and whom you can trust, We have started a free online consultation by expert doctors with this aim to help peoples in such situation.

We know that making diagnosis and giving treatment by online consultation is not 100% possible but it also not 100% impossible.

Our expert doctors can at-least help you like a good relative with medical background ( they just do not have medical background but they are legal Medical Graduates, Postgraduates; Names and Medical qualification of our doctors will be updated soon here ) which is much better than to take a blind decision about your life.

You have lot of reason to trust on this free online doctor consultation service because

  • It is without any motive to earn money by advising you costly treatment / investigations.Only we will advise you what is best step for your disease / situation according to our best medical knowledge.
  • Is treatment provided to you is rational according to disease or if it appears that it is not required / rational or there is any doubt about benefit vs lose then we will simply advise you take second opinion from your local doctor.
  • If current treatment given to you is correct according to your disease then we will simply advise you to continue treatment with same doctor.

Terms & Conditions

  • Medical advise given by our medical experts is secondary to advise given to you by you local doctor, if our medical experts’s advise is against the advise given to you by your primary doctor then you must take second opinion by visiting another doctor expert in respective field.
  • Our Expert’s advise is for helping you to take right decision for your treatment.Our expert’s advise is not equal to medical prescription.You should visit hospital or clinic in person to have medical prescription.
  • All information collected by form below subject to professional confidentiality.If you have any doubt then you can contact us to clear all doubt.


You should provide us complete details about the patient including Name, Age, Sex, Location, Sign & symptoms, Reports of all investigations done including Radio-imaging investigation, Biopsy reports etc.

You can write all information below in text box and can scan or take a clear photo-graph of investigations showing everything clearly and can combine all information in one word document file or PDF file or zip file or any suitable file; upload the document/s below using upload button.

In case of CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultrasound ( USG ), MRI or any other investigation with imaging film you can send only the reports ( reporting done by Radiologist ) provided with these imaging films. Copy of imaging film will be requested later on if needed.

You can also ask simple questions like what is purpose of treatment or investigation prescribed to you.

You can send us email with all above details directly to our Email ID:  doctor@genericpedia.com instead of using form given below provided you accept the terms & conditions written above.

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Disease / Problem

Patient History Including Name, age, sex

Investigations reports, related documents

Investigations reports, related documents

Investigations reports, related documents

I accept the Term & conditions ( Read Above for term & conditions )

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