Hepatitis A Vaccine

Active immunisation against hepatitis A
Adult: Single dose of 0.5 ml or 1 ml depending on the product and the age of the patient. Booster dose is usually given 6-12 mth after the initial dose. To be given via SC admin in haemophiliacs.
Child: Same as adult.
Hypersensitivity. Vaccines prepared in egg cultures are contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity reactions to egg. Severe immunodeficiency. Malignant disease being treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy and for at least 6 mth after stopping treatment. Patients with compromised immune system such as those on high-dose systemic corticosteroids, immunosuppressants or HIV positive.
Warnings / Precautions
Alcohol or disinfectant used for cleaning the skin prior to inj should be allowed to evaporate completely before vaccination to prevent vaccine inactivation.
Adverse Reactions
Transient soreness, erythema, induration at inj site. Fever, malaise,
Potentially Fatal: Anaphylaxis.
Drug Interactions
Reduced response to vaccination when used concurrently with immunosuppressants such as corticosteroids or antineoplastics.
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Mechanism of Actions
Hepatitis A antigen is prepared from formaldehyde-inactivated hepatitis A virus grown in human diploid cells. It is used for active immunisation against hepatitis A infection.
Available As
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine 1440 unit
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine 160 unit
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine 360 Elisa U
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine 360 unit
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine 720 Elisa U
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine 720 unit
  • Hepatitis A Vaccine 80 unit
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