Prophylaxis of motion sickness
Adult: As hydrochloride: 25 or 50 mg given 30 min before travelling, repeated after 4-6 hr, if necessary.
Adult: As hydrochloride: 12.5 mg taken as soon as symptoms arise.
Child: 10-14 yr: 6.25 mg at the start of the symptoms. >14 yr: follow adult dose.
Nausea and vomiting
Adult: As hydrochloride: 25 or 50 mg tid.
Pruritic skin disorders
Adult: As hydrochloride: 25-50 mg daily.
Hypersensitivity; neonates.
Warnings / Precautions
Driving or operating machinery; open-angle glaucoma; urinary retention; prostatic hyperplasia, pyloroduodenal obstruction, epilepsy; renal and hepatic impairment; pregnancy.
Adverse Reactions
Drowsiness, dizziness, incoordination; blurred vision; urinary retention; vomiting; rash; dry mouth; headache, nausea, epigastric pain, wt gain and diarrhoea.
Drug Interactions
Potentially Fatal: Effect of alcohol, sedatives and other CNS depressants potentiated.
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Mechanism of Actions
Buclizine is a piperazine antihistamine with antimuscarinic and moderate sedative properties. It is used mainly for its antiemetic action and in the treatment of migraine in combination with analgesics.
Should be taken with food. (Take w/in ½ hr before meals.)
ATC Classification
R06AE01 - buclizine ; Belongs to the class of piperazine derivatives used as systemic antihistamines.
Available As
  • Buclizine 25 mg
  • Buclizine 6 mg
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