Carteolol (ophthalmic) vs Alpha-/Beta-Agonists (Direct-Acting)

Interacting Drugs
Carteolol (ophthalmic)
Alpha-/Beta-Agonists (Direct-Acting)
Security Level
Moderate, Consider therapy modification
Alpha-/Beta-Agonists (Direct-Acting): Beta-Blockers may enhance the vasopressor effect of Alpha-/Beta-Agonists (Direct-Acting). Epinephrine used as a local anesthetic for dental procedures will not likely cause clinically relevant problems.
Cardioselective beta-blockers and lower doses of epinephrine may confer a more limited risk. Patients who may require acute subcutaneous epinephrine (e.g., bee sting kits) should probably avoid beta blockers. Exceptions: Dipivefrin.

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