Benzyl Septol

Contains Benzalkonium Chloride a powerful and time tested antiseptic/disinfectant.
Regularly used by leading hospitals like Bombay Hospital, Jaslok, etc. for over twenty five years.
More powerful than other leading products such as Dettol or Savlon. Benzyl Septol has a RWC (Rideal Walker Coefficient) of 3 to 5.
Broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and a faster antimicrobial action destroying most of the pathogens within 5 minutes.
Unmatched cosmetic effect i) Very gentle on the skin ii) No burning sensation or irritation even on prolonged use and iii) Pleasant odour
Widely used by pharma industry & other leading institutions.
Ideally suited for hospital applications.

Suggested uses and dilutions

Features Benefits Applications
Detergent, keratolytic and wetting property Cleans wounds and abrasions better Skin preparations
Deodorant action 
Does not stain clothes
Gives clean and fresh fragrance to soiled linen, masks, etc without staining Laundering of hospital linen
Non – irritating and non sensitizing to skin Better patient acceptability Cleaning of denuded skin & mucous membrane, 
Oozing and open infections 
Post episiotomy care
Economical Cost saving Use in every area of hospital
Use for Recommended Dilutions
Spraying in the sterile rooms, operation theatres 5% solution
Sponging the patient pre-operatively 5% solution
Dressing wounds, cuts 5% solution
Floor cleaning / moping 1 part in 40 parts of water
Bathing / treating linens 1 part in 40 parts of water
Abscesses, Boils, Carbuncles, Mastoid cavities 5% for bathing & irrigation. Wash with solution in water and cover with dry gauze
Abrasions and cuts Use 5% solution
Abrasions (septic) Bathe with 5 % solution and apply hot fomentations
Obstetrics 0.5% for persistent antiseptic preparation of patient, 1% should be applied
Preparation of hands (preoperative) 10% solution in water for persistent antisepsis
Septic wound 2% bathe with a solution and apply hot fomentation
1 teaspoon in 500ml. of water makes approx. 1% solution 
1 teaspoon in 250ml. of water makes approx. 2% solution.
Note: To avoid contamination of diluted solution with microorganisms keep the lid tightly closed after use.
Composition: Benzalkonium Chloride I.P. solution 3% v/v.
Indications: Multipurpose antiseptic liquid.
Packing: 100ml pet bottle for consumer use. Also available in bulk pack of 5 ltrs. 

The strengths of Benzyl Septol further reinforced with enhanced cleansing properties and special antiseptic fragrance in Benzyl Septol Active.

The special nonionic surfactants used in Benzyl Septol Active give a synergistic effect to the actions of benzalkonium chloride thus making the product more effective.

Brand Name
Solution Benzyl Septol
Brand Constituents
  • More Information Benzalkonium Chloride 3% v/v
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    Manufacturer Name
    Meridian Enterprises Private Limited
    Preparation Type
    Standard Unit
    Brand Package

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    Solution Benzyl Septol Meridian Enterprises Private Limited 5ml
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